1Q - How safe is rope access?
Very. The health and safety standards across the industry are heavily regulated with each rope access technician requiring intense training prior to beginning work. All equipment is rigorously tested and is thoroughly inspected before and after each use.

Each job undergoes an in-depth risk assessment before it starts to ensure all potential risks and hazards are identified.
2Q - Is rope access priced per the number of rope access technicians required or per project overall?
Rope access quotes are usually based on a day rate for each rope access technician required and also their IRATA Rope Access Level, in some cases it may be possible to agree the cost of the project prior to the work taking place.
3Q - How qualified are the rope access technicians? How can I be sure they will understand our requirements?
Rope Access Technicians are required to have an IRATA Rope Access certificate in order to carry out work. IRATA qualifications range from Level 1 – Level 3.

In order for a technician to go up n IRATA level, they must first complete a number of logged hours of rope access work for example:

Level 1 - No rope access experience required
Level 2 - Total of 1000 logged hours of rope access work
Level 3 - Total of 2000 logged hours of rope access work