Vegetation removal and Arboreal Services


Vegetation in its various forms can have a devastating impact upon the structural stability of structures and their individual elements. Ivy, Buddleia, trees and other forms of vegetation on and around various structures causes movement and defects which lead to instability, deterioration and water ingress. This in turn leads to expensive replacement and remediation works.

We can provide the following services to remove unwanted vegetation:

  • Slope clearance
  • Rail and River embankment clearance
  • Removal of growth from tall buildings and structures
  • Tree surgery
  • Spraying of roots to inhibit future growth
  • Disposal of removed matter via licensed Waste Carriers

Complete Rope Access Solutions provide a comprehensive vegetation control and removal service using only technicians with industry standard certifications. We only use chemical root treatment products approved by the Environment Agency and similar bodies.

Vegetation removal