Rope Access Inspection

Why inspection?
Inspection is necessary to enable structures to retain their serviceability. It is important that defects and causes of deterioration are identified at the earliest opportunity so that remedial works may be carried out.
Deterioration in concrete structures occurs due to the presence of chloride ions in the concrete, wind borne chlorides and carbons, and Alkali-Silica Reaction.

Industrial coatings may fail for a number of reasons but is commonly due to poor application, a defective coating or an inadequate specification.

In all cases, a substantial reduction in the service life of the affected structure may occur, leading to financial loss.

Viaduct inspection2

Complete Rope Access Solutions Ltd specialise in undertaking the following inspections to minimise the cost to your business of replacement and remediation:

• Principal and General Inspections.
• NDT Inspection – MPI, DPT, UT, Eddy Current and Radiography.
• NACE Inspections.


To preserve the lifetime serviceability of a structure Complete Rope Access Solutions Ltd can undertake the following works with suitably qualified and experienced Technicians in an unobtrusive cost-effective manner to minimise the cost of downtime and lack of use to your business:

• Concrete repairs
• Brickwork and Masonry repairs
• Deck resurfacing
• Industrial Coatings Application

Complete Rope Access Solutions Ltd. Can provide you with a one-stop solution by providing you with a documented analysis of any defects, a design specification for remediation and qualified and experienced operatives to carry out the works.

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