At Complete Rope Access Solutions, we provide a Confined Space and Technical Rescue Service and will manage emergency planning and rescue arrangements of the highest standard with our professional and qualified team. We will give you, your employees and contractors the reassurance that they can perform their confined space work in safety from the outset and have the necessary rescue and medical support should the unthinkable happen.

We are also highly trained to provide this service for personnel working at height. We provide:

  • Development of project RAMS and respective rescue plans
  • Rope rescue services
  • Provision of paramedic trained first responder
  • Incident and casualty management
  • Confined space entry management and supervision
  • Safety systems
  • 24-hour emergency standby cover
  • Confined space and technical rescue service
  • Top Man services
  • Equipment Hire


Whether you are a contractor, utilities manager or outage coordinator, having a proper and executable rescue plan which is fit for purpose is critical.


Confined spaces can be extremely hazardous working areas where the danger of death exists to both the person working in the space and individuals attempting a rescue. In fact, almost two-thirds of deaths in these situations are as a result of untrained personnel’s attempts at rescue. Only fully equipped and specially trained rescue teams should undertake a confined space rescue.

  • Comply with legal requirements to have rescue provision in place
  • Prevent incidents before they happen
  • Have a specialist, trained and cost-effective team on-site
  • Have a properly audited and robust risk assessment
  • Peace-of-mind safeguarding of your workforce
  • Demonstrate your commitment to H&S practices to employees


We plan for:

  • Fire and explosions
  • Gas and chemical release and emissions
  • Oxygen deficiency
  • Entrapment


Complete Rope Access Solutions provides its services to a variety of sectors. If you are unsure about whether or not you need a dedicated rescue team or require rescue cover at height, please get in touch; advice is free and we would be only too happy to offer you our advice and guidance.