Rescue at height
No one likes a half-job and employers who only devise fall protection plans for employees working at height without comprehensive rescue plans are, literally, only doing half the job. If accidents occur, you are required to know that workers can be rescued if they fall from the protection system, and quickly. Failure to have a rescue plan in place can lead to serious injury, suspension trauma, fatalities, and litigation. Failing to plan is, absolutely, planning to fail and Complete Rope Access Solutions know there’s a better way.

FACT: After a life-threatening fall, harness suspension trauma can result in the casualty quickly losing consciousness, followed by death, in less than 30 minutes.”

Our fully-trained team will manage and implement rescue and emergency arrangements.

Where do CRAS come in?

Prevention is always better than cure and CRAS has the track record and experience to anticipate where accidents at height will happen before they do and build in safeguards for incident-free work and successful rescue. You need a team behind you with the consultancy skills to give site-by-site assessments and provide elevated safety strategies, emergency response teams, first-responder first aid and deliver the correct casualty management protocol. Our bespoke services can cover:

  • Commercial and industrial buildings
  • Tourist attractions and stadia
  • Industrial and plant shutdowns
  • Outside broadcasting companies
  • Railway companies
  • Fairgrounds and theme parks
  • Quarries and power stations
  • Tower blocks

Our services cover working at height in confined spaces.

Why take the risk?

HSE adherence is a legal requirement and working with CRAS ensures you’re working-at-height compliant and also demonstrating to workers that their welfare is paramount. We know that overheads are always an issue but our cost-effective prevention and practical rescue solutions will mean that a properly equipped and highly-trained team of rescue experts are watching your back and ready to mobilise should disaster strike. CRAS can provide a full rescue-at-height strategy or just a rescue plan – the benefits far outweigh the risks of doing half a job:

  • Comply with legal requirements to have rescue provision in place
  • Prevent incidents before they happen
  • Have a specialist, trained and cost-effective rescue team on-site.
  • Have a properly audited and robust risk assessment
  • Look after your workers
  • 24-hour emergency rescue standby cover
  • Protect yourself against litigation and claims
  • Produce risk assessments and method statements
  • Reduce project completion delays, missed deadlines and costs
  • Implement self-rescue or mechanically aided rescues.