Why Rope Access

Rope Access can provide a cheaper, safer and efficient alternative to more traditional methods such as scaffolding. Here are a few reasons why more businesses are deciding to use rope access solutions

Rope access work doesn’t require any permits or council approval as you would when using scaffolding which saves a great deal of time and effort. A rope access technician can arrive at a site and begin work once all safety checks and risk assessments have been completed.

There’s no need to worry about the transportation and set up of bulky, cumbersome and scaffolding equipment. A rope access technician is able to carry all of their equipment themselves and can quickly assemble their gear. The client also saves money on equipment, manpower and vehicle costs.

Rope Access also has less impact on the client in terms of obstruction and interference. Technicians are able to carry out their work with the very little disruption to the client.

Rope Access is widely considered to be a safer alternative with less risk of human error causing an accident. Technicians are highly trained, reassessed regularly and are able to check their own equipment after each use for any potential dangers. As a result the rope access industry as very few accidents unlike other techniques.

The diverse range of services which Rope Access offers also means a client can have one point of contact for a wide selection of requirements, from wind turbine inspection to window cleaning.