Wind Turbines


Inspection and repair

Wind Turbines suffer from the effects of the adverse conditions typical of their exposed locations. To minimise lost production and poor efficiency Complete Rope Access Solutions Ltd. can offer the following services:
• Blade Inspection and and advanced diagnosis

  • Blade repair in accordance with Siemens “Blade c.|”

Composite Blade Repair:

  • Leading edge composite  repairs and  rebuilds.
  • Trailing edge composite  repairs and  rebuilds.
  • Structural repairs to internal webbing.
  • Full core material repairs and replacements.
  • Full tip replacements and rebuilds.
  • Winglet replacement.
  • Basic to Advanced composite fibre repairs.
  • Laminate sample extraction.
  • Internal and External inspections.
  • Blade Polishing and Cleaning.
  • Nose cone and nacelle  inspections and repairs.

• Tip replacement
• Full structural repairs
• Oil spill containment
• Eye bolt installation, inspection and certification
• PPE Inspection and Certification – 6 and 12 monthly
• Nacelle cleaning, maintenance and repair
• Seal Inspection, maintenance and repair
• Lightning Protection installation
• NDT services – UT / MPI / PCN
• End of Warranty Inspections: Pre- expiration
• Post Warranty Inspections: Annual / Bi-annual inspections
• GWO Training

Blade inspection








Complete Rope Access Solutions Ltd can provide suitably qualified and experienced Wind Turbine /Blade Repair Technicians to maintain and repair Wind Turbines both onshore and offshore across the UK and globally

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